Kristi's Northwood's Quilt Camp - refresh, create, relax
 Due to the pandemic we are living with I've made some changes at Camp in order to keep us all as safe as possible.IF YOU HAVE A COLD, COMMON FLU, SNIFFLES, OR ANY OTHER COMMUNICABLE ILLNESS, DO NOT COME TO CAMP. 

Mask wearing and social distancing will be mandatory.

Sewing stations will be arranged in order to accommodate social distancing goals. Moving tables in any other configuration then set up by me will not be permitted. 

Meals will no longer be served buffet style. I will individually package each meal to decrease any chances of germ sharing.  Meals will be consumed at each campers sewing station. I will not be setting up separate dinner tables. 

I will expect each camper to sanitize the rest room after use. Meaning the toilet seat, toilet handle, and stall door. I will be provide all required to do that safely.

If you find that these are rules you can't abide by, you will have to leave camp.
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