Kristi's Northwood's Quilt Camp - refresh, create, relax
  Hi campers, it has been a rough year. I know that's putting it mildly. Because of Covid - 19 I have made the decision to cancel all the 2020 camps for the remainder of this year.  It is a decision I did not make lightly or without much thought. It is the best thing I can do for myself, my family and friends, and all the campers that come to The Northwoods Quilt Camp.  

It is my hope that 2021 will bring some changes that will allow us to cope with our new reality.  Covid-19 sure isn't going to disappear, but with all the work being done to come up with viable vaccines we might have some new tools to work with next year.  

Stay safe, keep your families safe, believe the science. 

You can reach me at 715-399-8877, 715-817-2666, or on fb messanger.
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